Suimono Version 2.0 brings advanced ocean and interactive water effects to the Unity Game Engine. Suimono gives you unprecedented control over all aspects of water generation.
Tenkoku - Dynamic Sky brings completely dynamic and high-fidelity sky rendering to Unity developers, including a full day-night cycle, weather, and realistic positioning and astronomic rendering.
EyeAdvanced is a realistic eye shader that brings brings advanced eye rendering effects to Unity. includes 12 texture options with advanced specular, parallax effects, dilation, and physically-based shading algorithms.
The Samurai Sword pack contains over 16 highly detailed and unique historical samurai weapons, including multiple variants of the standard Katana sword. Each bladed weapon Is also fitted with it's own Saya / Scabbard.
The Pagoda Architecture pack contains 10 highly detailed and unique historical Japanese pagoda tower models, many based on actual extant buildings.